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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography services by Saint John Wedding Photography includes other services like engagements, seniors, portraits, sports events, modeling and commercial events. For more information you can view our facebook page at Saint John Wedding Photography, or contact us here. What both Rick and Jane find so fascinating about wedding photography is that it’s about preserving one of the most special days within your lifetime. Our tagline is “Your special moments, our lens”. Both Jane and I are passionate about photography, and will work hard to capture your special moments.

With wedding photography you get one chance, to get the perfect shot. With Jane and I working together, we really work hard to get all of the important shots. Some of the shots during your wedding, walking down the isle, placing the ring, at the alter. These are wedding photography standards. However Jane and I will concentrate also on shots of the bride and groom getting ready. Having nice shots of the dress, the shoes, the bridal bouquet are equally important. 

Before The Wedding Starts

Before your wedding day starts, Jane and I will have completed a list of shots, with your assistance. Doing this really helps us to get the specific wedding shot you want. As the day goes on we will capture each shot on our list, along with many others. Also, you or your spouse may think of additional images, that’s great, just let us know. If your wedding will be 50 persons or more, Jane and I may ask that you provide one person to work with us. This really helps to keep the photo shoots timely and that we do not forget someone. 

Once we move on to the reception and dance, there will be more time for Jane and I to talk directly to the new bride and groom. This is the perfect time for us to pick and choose specific shots. During this time we can also setup group wedding photo shots, this may include not only family, but friends also. Please take the time to view our wedding shoot portfolio, thank you.



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