Photographer Rick St. John

Photographer Rick St John

Photographer Rick St John

Robinsons Mall Malate Manila PhilippinesPhotographer Rick St John┬áhas worked in Manila Philippines as a photographer for travel, sports, weddings, animal, architect and special events. If you would like to see more work by Rick, you can click here to visit Rick St. John Photography. Hello, I’m Rick St. John and I totally love taking pictures, and photography in general. What I love most about photography is the total freedom I have to express myself, through my images.

I have worked throughout the Philippine Islands and have photographed much of the islands of Luzon and Visayas. In particular I have traveled extensively to the island of Boracay. Boracay is a small tropical island known throughout the world for it’s powder soft sandy beaches. Boracay beach photography is really fun, but poses some challenges. Due to the white sand and bright sunlight you will find yourself choosing to shoot your subjects during the early hours or late evenings.

Photographer Rick St John offers each client a unique style, allowing the client to have images that are unique and fun toPhotographer Rick St John - Girl in Pink Bikini on Boracay Beach create. If your client is having fun, you will ultimately get some really great shots. Before setting out on a photo shoot, I like to take some time getting to know my client. Ask questions, try to find out their interest, then work your photo shoot around their answers. If you conduct your photo shoot in this manner you will with no doubt get some really nice images.

Photographer Rick St John loves traveling to different and exotic locations. Being excited to visit a particular destination is what drives me to create fantastic images. Your desire is to create images that will excite people to also want to come visit the place in person.

So, grab your camera, and get out there and take some photographs, practice makes permanent. But remember to have fun, and do not forget to enjoy the journey. Before you go, please checkout some our Philippines pictures.


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